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Fast-track innovation with our agile R&D expertise. As your technology partner, we leverage our specialty in product development, digital solutions, and AI IMPLEMENTATION TO DRIVE YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD IN THE INFORMATION AGE.

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Together, we can turn your idea into marketable products that stand out. Our approach to innovation guarantees that we understand your unique needs and design solutions to address them. We will guide you through every step of the process from concept to prototype to full-scale development and launch to deliver exceptional products that captivate your clients and customers.

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Research and Development

To innovate is the only way to future-proof your business. Our research and development expertise will help you identify emerging trends, understand your customers' evolving needs, and develop a minimum viable product that addresses their pain points. Our agile approach to development ensures continuous improvement of your product based on real-time feedback.

AI Development

Artificial Intelligence is the way forward. We'll help you harness AI potential to drive business growth and efficiency. Our AI solution, ARI, combines natural language understanding, machine learning, predictive analysis, and generative AI capabilities. Whether you need strategic consultation or end-to-end implementation, we'll tailor an AI strategy that aligns with your business goals and delivers tangible results.


Digital Transformation

Our Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) experts from the tech, finance, and startup industries will partner with you to build high-performing, cross-functional teams dedicated to rapid innovation. We'll ensure your in-house talents’ work aligns seamlessly with your organization's strategic vision and goals.


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Taskspur® - Productivity platform

Taskspur® is an AI-powered productivity platform that streamlines goal setting, pinpoints areas for optimization, and charts a personalized path to peak productivity. This intelligent assistant automates your to-do lists, provides tailored recommendations, and guides you toward selecting the ideal products, courses, and services to turn your goals into achievements.

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Introducing ARI, your trusted AI partner designed to guide, not dictate. ARI provides tailored recommendations while leaving you in control. With ARI by your side, you'll benefit from best practices and insights that enhance your decision-making capabilities, allowing you to make informed choices that drive your success.

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lig marketplace - e-commerce platform

Our e-Commerce platform uses advanced AI matching technology to recommend our users the right products, courses, and services. If you want your e-Commerce site, our platform can be white-labeled for a small subscription fee, and you can have your customers buy on your own branded site and mobile app. You can also acquire more customers from TaskSpur and LIG Marketplace.

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Expand your reach with our platforms. Advertise your products and services on TaskSpur, ARI, and LIG Marketplace to reach a wider audience and drive more sales through our commission-based partnership program.

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Leverage our powerful platforms and brand them as your own. For a small subscription fee, you can have your logo and branding on any or all our platforms: TaskSpur (productivity), LIG Marketplace (ecommerce), and LIG Learn (e-learning), with your products and services advertised across our ecosystem.

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Custom Build

We help businesses craft custom solutions to their unique needs. We'll integrate our AI capabilities and leverage the latest technologies to create a custom-built product that delivers optimal results. Your products and services can also be advertised on all our platforms.


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